Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's that time of year again.... Baseball season!

Enjoying America's favorite past-time


He was nervous

My favorite player, Dustin Pedroia!

The past few months have been very depressing in our household. One thing was missing: baseball. Andrew got me hooked on the Red Sox soon after we started dating. I got into it just as the 2007 World Series came about and the Red Sox won their second in four years. Now I've been following them for three seasons and I like when baseball season rolls around almost as much as Andrew. Last year we went to spring training in Fort Meyers and I got to see all my favorite players in person; I love Dustin Pedroia because he's 5'7" at best and his swing is so big it almost knocks him down every time, but he's scrappy and never backs down from a challenge. As we sit in our living room watching the Angel's - Red Sox game with the window open and the sun setting, I can honestly say that I'm excited for baseball season. That means summer is close by with warm days, it also means that I like a sport I never thought I would enjoy watching. I thank Andrew for opening my eyes to different experiences and opportunities I would have never had on my own; one of the wonderful joys of being married. 
He entered into a contest to see if he could eat a huge hamburger and they'd give it to him for free... he was so close, but couldn't quite make it
Andrew's favorite player, Jason Varitek
We went miniature golfing before the game

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